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    Hello all, new to the forum... I shoot overnight news as a stringer. I use the JVC GY-HM700 as my primary camera and then edit video to feed to the stations using Final cut pro. 80% of the time this done in the car with the mac book pro... I have two Ikegami HL-V73 DVC pro Cameras that were given to me by a station up north.. (news director was a good friend)... So I ride around with one of these in the car as a back up... The JVC is horrible in low light, and shooting at night, some of my crime scenes are a distance away and not lit up with cop lights etc. So I have pulled the Ike out and used it...

    But my problem is I only shoot with the SD cards, and not sure how to be able to shoot on the IKE and get the video to FCP so I can edit and feed. And the key word to this problem is FAST..

    Any advice?

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    See if the station has an old DVC Pro firewire deck sitting around. That's the easiest way-- log and capture the tape from a deck.

    I am pretty certain the Ike doesn't have firewire out so the only other way to capture would be component out into an analog capture card from AJA, Matrox or Blackmagic. Check the specs and make certain that the device supports component-- some still have component; others are only HDMI/SDI. I also do not believe the Ike has SDI output, but I could be wrong on that one.

    Ned Soltz
    2-pop Guide

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