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Thread: Audio Interface for Final Cut Pro 6 ?

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    Default Audio Interface for Final Cut Pro 6 ?

    Hello everyone:

    I have recently had my trusty Yamaha GO46 audio interface bite the dust and I am in need of a new audio interface. As you can see I have an old setup.
    I will soon be upgrading but I am waiting for apple to sort out FINAL CUT X and the new line of Mac Pros that are due. I need an interface right now and seem to be stuck finding something that is suitable for now and six months down the line. I mix a lot at night and was drawn to the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP with its Virtual Reference Monitoring but do not think this is compatible? Then I spotted the M Audio ProFire 610 but have heard nothing but bad things about latency problems. The Mackie Big Knob is an expensive volume control and I need to capture good voice overs. The Mackie Onyx 820i scares me and I think it is a little overkill. Then I saw the Presonus Firestudio Mobile and though maybe I could connect the Focusrite VRM box via S/PDIF but I do not have and Intel. So as you can see I am running around in circles.

    To sum up. I need to be able to monitor FCP, LP8 and STP via my active speakers, do headphone mixing at night and record good quality voice overs and have a system that will be compatible with future hardware and software upgrages and all for under 500.

    Can anyone help!

    Thanks in advance.


    MY GEAR:
    Mac G5 2.5 Quad, Sonnet e-sata Raid, Blackmagic HD Extreme, Yamaha HS80 Ref Monitors, 2 x Dell 23" LCD Monitors, MAC OXS 10.5.8, Final Cut Studio 2. Logic Pro 8

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    I have the PreSonus Firestudio Project. Fantastic quality, and compatible with your Mac. I also have an Apoge Duet for the road that I simply love.

    I'd not bother with SPIF, you won't notice any difference, as the Firewire connection is plenty fast enough.

    I'm a composer and editor (and trainer for both FCP and Logic), and it all works well with all my high end mics with FCP, STP, and Logic. I'd say go with the ProSonus, as their quality is about the best. And the Firewire is plenty quality enough connection to your Mac.

    A warning about upgrading, Lion is having some audio interface issues. Wait until PreSonus and others have "solid" drivers out. Sweetwater is a good source for this info.
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