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    Hello all,
    new member here. I'm currently setting up a small corporate start up studio for desktop video and audio production to create train material for both web, dvd, and large meetings (400 attendees) and need some Audio equipment advice.

    The studio is one room, and I will be creating as well as filming in the same room keeping the editing system in the back left corner of the room with lighting and studio sets in the front. (green screen and props)

    Budget for audio is about a couple of grand so I can't go crazy.. Currently use a Mac with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Encore, Flash and Soundbooth for production. what I need is a recommendation for audio playback. What I would like is to have decent monitors to mix and produce with, but also have speakers in the front studio for playing back and testing master dvds,videos from both dvd player and computer.

    Wondering if I should not buy a DVD player and a decent AVR and just run audio from the mac to a DAC to the receiver and AB the two sets of speakers.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    There are lots of great speaker options out there, I prefer the Mackie MR8 series speakers. I would consider the investment into a decent pair of headphones as well. I can always hear fine details in headphones that I couldn't hear on the speakers.

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