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    I just started to shoot hd video. My clips are at 1920x1080
    What compression settings should I use to burn a dvd?
    I am using dvd studio pro v.4 and compressor v.3

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    Depending on the length of your DVD just use one of the DVD settings in Compressor, that and AC3 for audio. DVDs are standard definition, understand that the only way you're going to get your video authored out HD is via Blu-Ray. For that invest in Toast.
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    If you already own FCP7, you can use the "Share Command" to build a simple Blu-ray disc without having to buy Toast.

    If you are really looking into Blu-ray, you seriously should consider looking into my e-book 'Fast Path to Blu-ray for Mac".
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    Bruce's book REALLY is a must have, and not that expensive! Seriously!
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