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Thread: JVC DV-500 to Mac OSX to FCP

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    Default JVC DV-500 to Mac OSX to FCP

    Hi all - new to the forum and have just acquired (or am about to acquire) an old JVC DV500 and was looking for some advice for getting footage from it (which cable and connections will I need to use) onto my mac and into FCP - I've only ever used SD cards before and am clueless in regards to Mini DV to Mac.

    Or.. would I be better off buying a cheap Mini DV camera that's more modern and use that to import? If so, what is the cheapest one you might suggest?

    Now then, I know it's a very old camera, I know it's limitations, I know it's old format, I know all this, I just needed a full size/shoulder mount camera that behaves itself in low light and was cheaper then you could imagine - this fits the bill...!

    So, I hope you guys can help? It's nice to be here..!

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    What kind of a setup do you have? Desktop, laptop? What version of FCP?

    You could capture the MiniDV footage over a Firewire 400 cable (or 800) if you get the 4-pin end of the cable to go in to the port on the back of that camera and into your computer. Same thing if you can get your hands on a DV deck (firewire capture into your computer). You would use FCP's Log and Capture function (either batch capture or capture now).

    Another way would be capturing the video signal with a capture card in a tower (if you have one, eg. the Intensity Pro), using the same type of Log/Capture function mentioned above. You could go out of the live video feeds from the side of the camera (composite video cable or s-video) and into the card - and live capture playback.

    That camera is an "oldie but goodie" - I still have mine sitting around but I rarely use it now. It's good for quick shooting, decent in low light and has a fair amount of controls over the image settings. I always ended up de-interlacing, cropping to 16x9, and converting footage to 24 frames.
    The lenses that came on that thing were pretty spectacular for the price point (of that era).

    Let me know if my workflow suggestions make sense (if you are only used to cards).

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    It's a standard def FW camera, not problem at all. FW400 cable will do the trick. Log & Capture will read it just fine. DV-NTSC, very straight forward, no need for any capture cards, waste of time and money.

    Use Capture Now, Batch is too time consuming. Once done, if you want to break it up into clips, use the DV Start/Stop Detect function.
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