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Thread: Help! Compressor Mp2 exports have no video

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    Angry Help! Compressor Mp2 exports have no video

    I am trying to create an Mp2 export to upload to a TV station. Working in Compressor I followed their specs to the letter:
    VIDEO Format: MPEG2 (TS)
    Bit Rate Mode: Constant
    Bit Rate: 8000 kBps
    Width: 720 pixels
    Height: 480 pixels
    Display aspect ratio: 4x3
    Frame Rate: 29.970 fps
    Standard: NTSC
    Scan type: Interlaced
    Scan order: Bottom field first

    AUDIO Format: MPEG1
    Version: Layer 2
    Mode: Stereo (or dual mono)
    Bit rate: 192 kBps (or higher)
    Sample rate: 48000 Hz

    I created a DVCPRO 50 master and dropped it into Compressor. It plays well in preview but when I create the file it has audio but no video, black only. I tried sending the file from FCP 7 to Compressor with the same result. Downloaded other freeware programs but they either are Mp4 only or won't give me the settings control I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    What version of Compressor are you using? Both Compressor 3 and 4 for MPEG-2 TS have a minimum Bit Rate for One Pass CBR of 10 Mbps (you might be able to type in a lower bit rate, not sure) aside from that all you do is drop the preset and let it transcode. Do you have the MPEG-2 Playback Component installed on your machine? That could be the issue. Try downloading MPEG Streamclip and loading the file in there. I'm pretty sure that will jump right out and tell you if that's what's missing.

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