I shot a bunch of footage on a mis-aligned mini-DV camera (Panasonic NV-GS180, I think) a few years back, before the camera finally crapped out. On a healthy deck, the tapes all looked like a digital mess. To digitize the footage, I bought an identical camera and sent it to a video repair shop (can't remember which) with one of the tapes, and they were able to mis-align the camera so that it would play the tape correctly. I was able to digitize the footage.

Fast-forward a couple years. I lost the drive with the footage on it and would like to digitize the footage again, but no longer have the mis-aligned camera. Anyone have any experience with adjusting decks so that they can play tapes recorded on mis-aligned cameras? I've got a Sony GV-D1000 and a Sony HVR-M10U and wouldn't mind cracking one open, or sacrificing one, if necessary.

Am I even using the right term when I say 'mis-aligned?' Is this 'tuning' or 'tracking' or what? If I knew how to describe the situation properly, I think I'd have better luck googling this. I can't seem to find any information.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Matt Kresling