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Thread: Red One vs Sony F3

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    I had the EX3 for a couple of years and I love it. I shoot mostly documentaries, news and corporate stuff, and my workflow is ProRes HD 1080p.
    I was thinking about getting another camera I would use only for more sophisticated projects: a Red One or a Sony F3. What I need is not 4K, but a better dynamic range. I have found the limits of the EX3 in low light or hi contrast situations can be a problem sometimes. I watched the 2 episodes of the Great Camera Shootout 2011 and found out that except in over exposed situations, the F3 does pretty well.
    Any feedback or advise of those cameras regarding my needs would be appreciated. I plan to use this camera mostly by myself on a tripod, with an external mic for the sound.

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    I just bought the F3 this week. I can't imagine at this point my doing even 2K work. Red One cameras, however, can be found reasonably in the used market. Now you might also consider the Panasonic AF-100 or Sony FS-100. These are not point and shoot ENG cameras. I make the distinction between video and digital cinema. These large sensor cameras are digital cinema.

    Depending upon your needs, perhaps a DSLR could do the job.

    If you are buying the F3, count on spending more than the price of the camera to kit it out.

    Very complex question that I really can't answer in 10,000 words or less.

    Dynamic range on F3 is at least 11 stops. It is so noiseless that you might actually find yourself having to add noise/film grain in post. It is sturdy in construction.

    Bottom line-- I fell in love with the camera the first day I saw it, and I was one of the first journalists to see it at pre-release briefing.

    Yes, You will get dynamic range. No, you will not get a video camera. You shoot it like film.

    Ned Soltz
    2-pop Guide

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    Thanks for that, it's much appreciated!

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