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Thread: copying a DVD to DVD

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    Default copying a DVD to DVD

    What is the best way to make a copy of a DVD? This is a personal film
    I dragged the Video TS file into MPEG Stream clip and exported as a QT File.I then tried to import it into DVD Studio Pro but it failed to import. Maybe some setting issue?

    Also Is t his the best procedure for this? Any thoughts on DVD Studio Pro versus Compressor?

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    Search google for ripping DVDs. Once you get that done- get it into Compressor to make MPEG2- reauthor. Expect quality to take a big hit.

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    Basically there are two basic methods to copy a DVD to another DVD, the one you need to use depends on the hardware you have. I think that you will need the proper software such as Roxio or Nero to do the copy. If you have both a DVD player and a DVD recorder, or 2 DVD player/recorders installed, you can place your original disk in the player and a blank in the recorder, then use the software to copy from one to the other. If you only have one device, the software will use a portion of your hard drive to first store the recorded data from the original, then after prompting you to replace the disk with a blank, will write the information to the new disk and delete it from the temporary storage file on your drive. I suggest you to try for this.

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    If it's not copy protected, just copy the two TS_ folders to your desktop, burn them to a blank DVD. We just use the Finder Burn option, too. No extra hardware, no extra software. We do this all the time, very simple.
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