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    I am shooting a film this fall that will contain one important scene in slow motion. My DP, who will be shooting on a DSLR (I'm sorry, I don't know the exact version) tells me his camera cannot shoot in actual slow motion, but that there is a program that can be installed that will slow the image down, and not make it look blurry and choppy like slowing the shots in Final Cut would. This is separate software, and I do not think it comes with Final Cut Pro or Studio (well, maybe the new versions). But I've seen a couple videos that used it and and the slow motion looks very smooth indeed. Can anybody tell me what "it" might be? What the software is called and where I can download it? Is there a guide to operating the software I can find anywhere? And, perhaps most importantly, can I get this software for free?
    FYI: I will be editing this film myself on my Final Cut Express, NOT Pro system. If that makes any difference.

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    I'm guessing you are talking about Twixtor made by ReVision FX. It's an amazing plug-in that you can purchase for either Final Cut or After Effects. It's pricey, but very impressive.

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