First time posting on the forum. I apologize in advance for what may seem like a very newbie problem for the more experienced among you.

I was changing the clipping levels of my 302 mixer (for use with a VX100 camera) and managed to do so successfully.
However, whilst trying to put them back to normal I seem to have done something wrong in the Setup Menu (exactly what I am not sure) and am now having trouble using the 302 (could not get it to work with a Sony EX1).
I would like to know how to restore the 302's default settings. I know this is shown on the Setup Menu Chart available on Sound Devices' site, but I am still having trouble.
I have advanced to the stage where I am now on Default Restore (12) from using the PK/VU button. The 12 light is now flashing. The Chart now tells me that to restore the Factory Default I must select -24. How exactly do I do this? What do I need to press to advance into the Default Restore Setup?
I must be missing something simple, but I am really stumped and I do apologize as I am not the most experienced in such things.