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Thread: DVD Studio Pro 4 scripting question

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    Default DVD Studio Pro 4 scripting question

    Can anyone advise if the following is possible in DVD (scripting)

    I have a main screen with 10 video on it.
    A user clicks a video and it plays.
    Once played it returns to the main screen
    BUT the video that was just played is either GONE or it has an 'X' through it.

    The 'X' is to indicate that, that video has already been played.

    It needs to do this for every video played and each time it returns to the amin screen the 'X'' s are still displayed to advise what has been played.

    I know that, somewhere, i have seen this option used on a dvd BUT try as i can, i cant seem to find a solution!


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    There has been a lot of views but no comments as yet....

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    Lots of view but no comments usually means no one has an answer.

    This is a very specific question that I'm guessing very few people know the answer to.

    Hopefully someone with deep DVD-authoring chops will stop in soon.


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    This can be done, but it involves a lot of scripting, and a sh*tload of menus to allow for EVERY possible set of options, You couldn't offer me enough money to script this nightmare...
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