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    Default zooming and centreing

    I have FCE 4 and would appreciate help on how to zoom and centre an image.
    I have a clip where a man enters the clip from the top left, walks irregularly across the view and exits the clip on the bottom right.
    What I would like to do is to gradually zoom in on the man's head, have it occupy say 80% of the field of view and keep it in the centre of the picture, then gradually zoom back out as he exits to the right, keeping the man in the centre of the view as much as possible whilst the zoomed part of the image occupies the full view.
    Is this possible to do? If so, could someone give me the steps as I am new to FCE.


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    Using the controls in the Motion tab of the Viewer it is quite easy. You'll keyframe the attributes you need (scale, center). and pull up the FCE user manual.
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