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    Could someone recommend a good workhorse dv camera. Looking to pay around one thousand, though could go higher if necessary.

    The camera will be used on a regular basis to capture speaker presentations. Immediately after, the presenter will eject the tape and view it at a viewing station in the back of the room.

    Would like to have a descent audio in and some kind of audio control XLR would be nice. The reaosn for this is oftentiems the equipment is sent around the country, and it needs to be extremely easy for whoever sets it up to use. Usually we go with a wireless lavalier mic as the room can get large.

    In the past, I've used a JVC GY-DV5000U, but this died today. At the same time, in another room, I was using cannon Zr800 cameras. Was hoping to get soemthing in the middle. Was wondering if there was a robust camera in the thousand dollar range that was popular.

    though I don't know if that is possible at this price range. Trying to make it easy as possible, no Usually we've been using a wireless lavalier.

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    If HD isn't a concern, you can get a great deal on a used DVX100a or DVX100b right now. That should fit your needs, again assuming that you don't need HD.
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