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Thread: AE CS4 random position of layers

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    Default AE CS4 random position of layers

    Hi everybody

    I'm working on a composition containing 60 layers with objects that should "fly in" and form a logo at 00:02 seconds. At this spot in the timeline I arranged all layers to form the logo and added position keyframes to each layer. What I'm looking for is a tool that lets me randomly position the 60 layers in the first frame of the animation and set initial keyframes for each layer.

    How can this be achieved?

    Thanks for any hint, Tom

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    - The Wiggler tool in AE
    - Expressions in AE
    - Adobe DextendedScript Toolkit

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    Yeah, an expression is probably the way to go.

    Alternately, you can just randomly move the layers in 3d space at the first keyframe to get the same effect.

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