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Thread: A Very affordable teleprompter

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    Default A Very affordable teleprompter

    Hi guys,

    we build a new solution for those who need a real teleprompter. It's made with a real beamsplitter 70/30 glass (not cheap acrylic). It's the more compact teleprompter you'll ever see, please, have a look at and let me know what you think,

    thanks in advance


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    Looks interesting. Good luck.

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    ProPromter for iPhone and iPad are also very affordable, very nice, if you're really on a budget. We're not, and use them. Just mount the iPhone or iPad right next to camera lens, works like a charm! And the most affordable, most compact, realistically useful solution we've found.
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    Hi BenB,

    if you dont mind having your talent not looking at the lens, it may work....even a paper sheet beside the lens will do the job, but if you are looking at pro result, you need a real prompter. We build the Pad Prompter for users who wants pro results at an affordable price, have a look at it at and let me know what you think please,



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