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Thread: Lens stuff HD vs SD

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    Default Lens stuff HD vs SD

    Forgive my ignorance what exactly are the differences also the mount size 1/2 vs 2/3 inch.
    What exactly is a HD lens
    Trying to see what can interface via adapter to a pan a AF100
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    As far as I can tell a HD lens has superior glass for a sharper/ less distorted image,
    The fraction relates to the size of the image sensor 1/2 or 2/3 inch
    Have I missed anything.
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    The AF-100 can use MFT, Canon and Nikon film lens, and also G Mount Nikon with and without adapters.

    For Nikon F and G mount lenses, the Novoflex seems to be popular.

    Birger also will be offering an excellent albeit expensive adapter for Canon "L-series" lenses.
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