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Thread: suggest me any complete film editing tutorial DVD. please!

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    Default suggest me any complete film editing tutorial DVD. please!

    friends i am searching in internet for 'complete editing tutorial on DVD' for few hours now, but couldn't find it. please link me to any good DVD.

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    Default Editing with which software / platform?

    Too broad a question.
    Final Cut
    Premiere Pro
    the list goes on....

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    Are you looking for basic editing theory and creativity, or specific tutorials for specific software, as acwhitelaw asks?

    At what skill level are you? There are lots of free & low-cost paid "getting started" tutorials online for most of the editing platforms. You can search iTunes for "Final Cut Pro tutorial" or "Adobe Premiere edit tutorial", as examples, and should get many hits on tutorials that will start you at the beginning.

    If you want to use a search engine to find things instead of iTunes, you'll get more hits if you use the specific NLE name that you want to learn, like Avid, Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Premiere in the search.

    Each NLE also has it's own training series in book form. Final Cut Pro's, for example, is the Peachpit Press Apple Pro Training Series.

    There are also lots of books out there that discuss basic theory and creative editing, and do not focus on the technology. One is "The Lean Forward Moment" by Norman Hollyn. He is the head of the editing track at USC, and it's what he uses to teach creative editing in his class(es).

    But, to echo acwhitelaw again, this is a very very broad question. There isn't really a way to learn "complete editing" from a book or a DVD. It takes years of just getting out there and editing.


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    If you're on Final Cut, there's the "Apple Pro Training Series: The Craft Of Editing", which is very nice, and hands on. Not so much about how to use Final Cut (that's another couple of books), but the how and why of making cuts to various types of projects. I've taught it as an 8 week class for a local university, and it's really nice.
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    Default Film Editing Tutorial

    Well, there are two aspects - the story and the technical. With whichever system / software you choose, the best technical tutorial is the manual and youtube examples. In terms of story, you need to understand your story structure from the POV of journey and for that go see Kal Bashir's work at

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