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Thread: Cannot reformat drive to MacOS Extended after Varicam use

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    Default Cannot reformat drive to MacOS Extended after Varicam use

    Hello all,
    I'm having trouble reformatting a firewire/USB drive my DP used to offload footage from his Varicam back to normal Mac OSX use. It first appeared on the Mac desktop as multiple partitions--that the Varicam created when offloading footage. I tried formatting thru Disk Utilities to clear everything off the drive, but it would only let me format into FAT32, but not into MacOSX Extended— which I need. Has anyone ever encountered this? The same is happening on 2 identical Lacie drives.

    Does the Varicam have its own file system it formats drives with that prevent normal use afterward??


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    Default Solved!

    I found a solution on macrumors:

    To successfully prepare a disk for Mac that has been previously formatted for a PC (as most new drives are of course), the disk needs to have the "Partition Table Map" established for Macs rather than leaving it as is.

    • Start up Disk Utility
    • Click the disk to be formatted in the left column. Click the whole drive line, not the partition(s) if any show below it
    • Click the "Partition" tab at the top of the window
    • Change the "Volume Scheme:" from "Current" to "1 partition" (or however many partitions you want)
    • Click the "Options" button. Choose the appropriate partition table type in the window that appears- GUID for Intel based Macs, APM for PowerPC based Macs). Click OK to close that window
    • Click on the partition (or partitions one at a time) and enter a name in the "Volume Information:" section and choose "Mac OS Extended (Journaled) in the "Format:" section
    • When done naming, click "Apply", then "OK"
    • Sit back for a short time and when complete enjoy the drive!

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    Best not to double post.

    I replied to your other post in the p2 forum.
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