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Thread: Updating sequence? I have to make edit changes after all the color correction done.

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    Default Updating sequence? I have to make edit changes after all the color correction done.

    Hi, I'm pretty new to Color.

    After I brought a sequence from FCP to Color and did all the color correction, now I have to some editing changes. As far as I know, what I have to do here in this case is to go back to FCP, make changes, do 'Send to Color' again, do color correction all over again.

    To me this seems to be very nonsense. Is there a way where I can have sequence in Color, which has been color corrected, update sort of automatically as I make edit changes in FCP?

    Otherwise, I will have to either do color correction all again, or to make a separate sequence(or sequences) that contain where I make edit changes, and bring that into Color, render, send back to FCP (as a sequence of course), and replace.

    Either way doesn't seem to be good to me.

    Please let me know if you have any good suggestion.
    Thank you.

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    Well, it all depends on how you did this. When you round trip to Color, you get back a new Sequence in FCP with your color grading in it.

    Did you change edits to the original Sequence that has no corrections, or to the one Color created that has the corrections?
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    If you need to make editorial changes, then you need to make those changes to your original sequence in FCP, the one that was sent to Color. You then export an XML from that sequence, open the Color project and use the "conform" feature to import the XML and update your Color timeline. Then you can regrade the new shots & send back to FCP.

    For more information, consult your Color manual.
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    Default another question

    thanks. now get it.

    however, this leads me to another question.

    say, I copy a project file for some reason. and then I make edit changes in that new project, export xml. Would I be still able to conform in Color?

    this question arises because I know there can be the case where I have to copy the project file and use it instead of the original because sometimes a project files gets corrupted for some reason.

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