Hi, I'm pretty new to Color.

After I brought a sequence from FCP to Color and did all the color correction, now I have to some editing changes. As far as I know, what I have to do here in this case is to go back to FCP, make changes, do 'Send to Color' again, do color correction all over again.

To me this seems to be very nonsense. Is there a way where I can have sequence in Color, which has been color corrected, update sort of automatically as I make edit changes in FCP?

Otherwise, I will have to either do color correction all again, or to make a separate sequence(or sequences) that contain where I make edit changes, and bring that into Color, render, send back to FCP (as a sequence of course), and replace.

Either way doesn't seem to be good to me.

Please let me know if you have any good suggestion.
Thank you.