What we'd like to do: use our two week old MacBook Pro 13" with a DVX100 via firewire to do live streaming.

Everything worked great out of the box with a certain video streaming website. I will obfuscate it, in case it is not kosher to post about other web sites in this forum. The service/site is Ewe-Stream, phonetically.

A few days ago, Safari experienced some type of javascript run time error while doing a test broadcast. The audio input option of "DV Audio" (in Adobe Flash Player Setup/Config) was missing after they reconnected to the website to try again.

The user has since upgraded all software to the latest versions on the laptop, including the Adobe Flash Player. The "DV Audio" still does not show up as an audio source in the drop down list. But, the only audio device in the Adobe Flash config is "Internal Microphone".

I had them check on the Mac's System Preferences / Audio page and there is not a "DV Audio" showing up there either, but I believe the newer Macs do not show this anyway?

Has anyone else run into this? If so, how were you able to restore access to the "DV Audio" under the Adobe Flash Config and/or the "Ewe-Stream" web site broadcasting service?

Thank you