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Thread: picture artifacts/no audio on tape

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    Default picture artifacts/no audio on tape

    We shot this weekend using a DVX100a, and when I went to import the footage, I noticed all the footage on all tapes had blocky artifacting, and no audio. Early in the day, we previewed some of the footage, and it looked fine! I checked the tapes on two different decks, with the same result. The tape itself physically looks okay (no crinkling), and when I frame advance in the capture window (using FCP), it looks fine as well! But it captures with the artifacts and no audio.
    The DP says it may be heat damage, but i doubt it, because the tapes were pretty carefully attended to (and i cannot see any physical damage to the tape itself).
    I have not had a chance to play the tapes back on the camera itself - that's the next step.

    My questions: A) is it a head issue? B) are the tapes damaged beyond repair; what can I do - if anything - to rescue the footage? I'd read something about dubbing from camera to camera, but i assume i'll lose a generation...

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    OK, it may be the deck you're playing back on. I am willing to bet you recorded in one of the 24p modes. Those have to be played back on the camera itself, usually. Try capturing directly from the camera. Nothing wrong with it, just rewind tapes on the deck, not the camera, to save the camera's motor wear and tear.
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