I just did a shoot with a borrowed HPX to go along with my own DVX. This was my first foray into shooting with P2 cards. Since my main camera was the DVX, the HPX was set for 480, 24P, DV to match the DVX's input. I shot 5 hours of tape and we did a clap-sync of the two cameras with every tape change. Otherwise both cameras ran continuously.

After some newbie confusion I was finally able to access (I guess "ingest" is the word being used, yes?) the P2 footage but what materialized in the FCP bin after transfer was unexpected. As I said the HPX ran non-stop along with the DVX so I expected five long clips. Instead there were something like fifteen clips of varying length. 3 minutes, seven minutes, eleven minutes, etc. However there was one repetition and that being five or six clips that were 19:50.

As you can imagine, syncing these clips is becoming fairly nightmarish. I only have a passing familiarity with multi-clip editing making it that much more difficult. I asked my buddy whose HPX I borrowed and he said, yeah, that's happened to him too, but he had no explanation.

So I ask you 2-poppers, what's the deal with this? And while you're at it, what's with the naming paradigm for the clips? It seems like the camera just generated random number/letter combinations for the file names.