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Thread: Trying to start a business.

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    Default Trying to start a business.


    I am thinking of starting a Videography business in the East Midlands. I have a asked a few dozen people if they would help advertise, word of mouth etc.

    The business would film anything the clients wants. Such as Weddings, Birthdays, etc.

    So I am seriously considering it.

    What a few people have suggested that I ask people who have their own business for advice. Especially seeing as I have no idea on what to charge.

    So what I'm asking is if anyone who has their own business or who has any business experience for any advice on what to charge, or any advice you have that you think would help.

    Thanks in advance,

    Shane Lee

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    What you charge is partially based on how much work you put into it, and partially based on how good your work is.

    Things to consider are...

    -Will it be edited?
    -How long is the final project?
    -How professional is your equipment?
    -Whether you charge a flat production fee, or if you sell copies.
    -Do you have past video to show potential clients?

    The real answer is you can charge whatever you like, but if you are entering this field as a beginner, I would keep it cheap. Probably no more than $500 for an event.

    If your work really shines and people give positive feedback, you can charge more.

    If you are a hard-core professional with near perfect production value to your work, you can go for high end clients and charge very high rates. Many professionals charge $5000 and up for events like weddings.

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    Okay thanks, this is just want I needed.

    Thanks again.

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