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Thread: From MPEG2 to Quicktime Help!!

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    Default From MPEG2 to Quicktime Help!!

    After realizing that Avid Express Pro 5.0 does not support MPEG2 files, I converted my clips to Quicktime (.mov). Avid reads them and I am able to import them into my bin. I can review them frame by frame but when I try to play them the screen in the composer goes black. Can somebody help me? I am kind of a beginner.

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    Hi, Zap!

    Welcome to 2-pop!

    Avid uses proprietary formats for it's media files, one called OMFI and the other called MXF. You may have to import the mov files into Avid first so it can do it's transcoding dance. If memory serves, that's in the File menu. If not, keep looking in the top menus until you see "Import".

    I've not used Xpress Pro in a long time. My memory on this might come back to me later...I'll post more if anything comes to mind.

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