Hey all,

I have a P2 question. We have a large shoot in January where we will be shooting press conferences and keynote speeches and quickly processing them to be online on our website. My bosses would love to shoot them all in HD (720p) but our only MAJOR concern is the speed by which we can dump one Press Con's footage to move onto another seamlessly. This will all be shot on the Panasonic HVX200a with 6 16 gb P2 cards and most of the press cons will be between 45 minutes and an hour (so possibly 3 P2 cards at 720HD).

I've been doing tests the last few days on the speed of uploading the video files to FCP using "Log and Transfer" to a Firewire Capture Scratch folder and its been clocking in at around 16 minutes, which seems a little slow.

Does anyone have any tips or workflows to speed up the P2 footage ingestion process? Software? Hardware?

Also, what have other users estimated in terms of times it takes to ingest the footage? Any sage advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks all!