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Thread: 2 week Timelapse setup

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    Default 2 week Timelapse setup

    Hey all video experts,

    The company I work for has been commissioned to record a timelapse of the construction of large Christmas tree and Christmas decorations in the lobby of a big hotel over a 2 week period. In the past, when we've done timelapse, we've just recorded the footage using the intervalometer function on our Panasonic-HVX. However, we've never recorded for two weeks before...and we can't be without our camera for that long...

    So, we're kind of stumped on how to go about doing this. What's the best way to record timelapse for such a large period of time? Should we use a video camera or still camera?

    Is there a relatively cheap (under $1000) still camera out there with an intervalometer function that would do the trick? Is there a way to store the media on to some type of external hard drive?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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