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Camera Drones Help Create Beautiful, Affordably-Made Surfing Video

Affordable helicopter camera drones are responsible for the stunning surfing video found below from filmmaker Eric Cheng. Cheng used a DJI Phantom quadcopter; a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition camera; a Rotorpixel HERO3 gimbel; a ReadyMadeRC FPV transmitter, receiver, and remote monitor; and a modified DJI Phantom radio. The film is comprised of 7 four-minute flights and was cut in Final Cut Pro X. Watch below. (via Filmmaker Magazine)

01/16/14 03:01:14 PM

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Adobe's 'Engaging Story, Brilliant Visuals, Low Budget' Sundance Panel to be Live-Streamed

Adobe will be live-streaming its Sundance panel entitled Engaging Story, Brilliant Visuals, Low Budget--The Changing Face of Independent Film. The panel will consist of up-and-coming filmmakers Kyle Patrick Alvarez, Hasraf HaZ Dulull, and Jim Mickle discussing the independent films they've made on micro-budgets. They will discuss the latest technology trends for budget-conscious independent filmmakers, including cameras and integrated software. The panel is taking place on Friday, January 17th from 2-3:30 PM PT. Read more and register here.

01/16/14 03:01:42 PM

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Bokelberg Sets the Scene for 'Scandal'

A dramatic series set in the highest levels of U.S. government, ABC’s Scandal centers on the crisis management firm run by Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), who knows how to fix everyone’s life but her own.

01/16/14 12:01:11 PM

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Loneliness, Love and Light: How 'Her' Conveys a Familiar (But Futuristic) World

Set in the near future, director Spike Jonze’s Her follows a lonely man whose only connection to the world is through his computer. Captured in ARRIRAW format on an ARRI Alexa Studio camera by cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema, Her anticipates the future but presents a familiar world based on today’s reality.

01/16/14 11:01:39 AM

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Will Rolling Shutter Be a Thing of the Past?

Phil Rhodes of RedShark News writes about the longtime rolling shutter problem of many cameras and wonders if all future cameras--no matter the price point--will come with global shutters.

01/15/14 12:01:00 PM

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Tips for Shooting Solo with MoVI

Stillmotion provides some tips for shooting with mobile rigging system MoVI, writing, "The MoVI is an incredible tool that changes the way we as storytellers can communicate with our audience. One of the biggest questions filmmakers often have is about how approachable the rig is. Does it take a long time to learn? Do you need a large crew? This post is all about our tips and tricks on how to maximize the MoVI when you’re shooting solo." Read the full story here.

01/14/14 04:01:16 PM

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Photographer Adam Magyar Explains the Tech Behind His Viral Slow-Motion Subway Series

In the below video, photographer Adam Magyar gives some of the details of how he made his viral Stainless web series, which depicts people waiting for the subway in super slow-motion to present them as "an endless row of living sculptures." Watch Magyar talk about his equipment, process and challenges below.  

01/14/14 03:01:17 PM

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Luxi Turns Your iPhone Into a 'Superb' Light Meter--for $30

Macworld reviews Luxi, a $30 accessory that turns your iPhone into a standalone light meter. They write, "Luxi is ideal for advanced DSLR photographers who want to get the accuracy and flexibility of an incident light meter without carrying yet another gadget. If you don’t have a light meter yet, Luxi gets you get in the game for less than a tenth the cost of a traditional one–and the accuracy is superb, delivering the same kind of results you’d get from a 'real' meter." Read the full story here.      

01/14/14 01:01:36 PM

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One DSLR Enthusiast on Going 4K

Andrew Reid of EOSHD explains why he's making the leap from current DSLRs to 4K. He writes, "This blog has been going 4 years now and to be honest I have run out of interesting things to say about the current DSLRs. It’s time to upgrade. 2014 will be a big overhaul for image quality on DSLRs. Even those who don’t need the extra resolution 4K offers will change their minds when they see what’s coming. You see, 4K isn’t really about resolution at all… It is the catalyst for a massive leap in overall image quality, especially on consumer cameras." Read the full story here.

01/14/14 01:01:49 PM

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Watch Test Footage from Letus' Anamorphic Adapter for the GoPro

Wide Open Camera's Jared Abrams tested out Letus' anamorphic adapter for the GoPro, called the AnamorphX-GP. The product will ship on January 31st and retails for $199. Watch below. (via Filmmaker Magazine)

01/14/14 01:01:36 PM

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Short Film Shot Entirely on MoVI

Directors Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger shot their entire short film "From 1994" using an ARRI Alexa M mounted on a MoVI 10 system. Says Warren, "The MōVI is its own unique thing, sort of a floating crane that can go anywhere. I’ve shot with cranes and jibs and things like that, and once you set it up, you can only try shots you can reach from where the base is set. The difference with the MōVI is that the base can be anywhere, and you can start experimenting right away.”

01/13/14 06:01:58 PM

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Shooting 4K Raw on the Sony FS700

The below tutorial from Magnanimous Media shows you how to get started shooting 4K raw on the Sony FS700 using the R5 recorder.

01/13/14 06:01:35 PM

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Exploding Spices Filmed at High-Speed Make for Mesmerizing Commercial

A series of exotic spices exploding in slow-motion creates the mesmerizing commercial for Schwartz's Flavour Shots, directed by Chris Cairns. Watch it and a making-of of the "audio/visual feast" which featured choreographed pyrotechnics, below. Says pyrotechnic designer Paul Mann, "It's a lovely thing to have a sequence which is totally real. I think the magic of it is just portrayed by knowing that what you're looking at has been done, it's been filmed at high-speed, and somehow we've managed to get all the cues in the right place."

01/13/14 03:01:09 PM

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Wildlife Videographer Captures Serengeti with Drone Helicopter

The beautiful aerial video of the Serengeti was captured with a BeetleCopter drone and a GoPro HERO3+ by wildlife filmmaker Will Burrard-Lucas. He writes, "To get this footage I was sometimes a kilometre away from the copter, operating it via a live video feed. These devices have incredible potential in wildlife filmmaking and photography; they are quieter and more manoeuvrable than a normal helicopter so they can get closer to animals with minimal disturbance." Watch below and read more here.

01/09/14 04:01:02 PM

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Watch the Pristine Skies of Chile Turn Into a Beautiful Time-Lapse

Photographer Nicholas Buer captured the pristine time-lapse below over 12 days in the San Pedro de Atacama region of Northern Chile. He explains on his Vimeo page, "The Atacama is well-known for what are arguably the cleanest, darkest skies on Earth. The dry air adds an extra transparency and this coupled with the altitude creates a night sky like no other. I visited at a time when Venus was situated quite close to the centre of the Milky Way; an astronomical event that only takes place every 8 years or so. I also timed my visit with the Autumn equinox which is a good time of year to capture Zodiacal light; the celestial phenomenon caused by sunlight scattering interplanetary space dust in the Zodiacal cloud. It stretches across the ecliptic and glows for a short while after sunset like a UFO beam and I was lucky enough to witness this every night I stepped out into the dark." Watch below.

01/09/14 03:01:53 PM

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Watch a Beautiful Short Film That Explores the Concept of Symmetry

Yann Pineill's short film "Symmetry" explores that very subject by presenting a 7-minute film in which the second half mirrors the first to, as the filmmaker puts it, explore "all sorts of symmetry: compositions, shapes, sounds and music, scenario, colors, actions, time…" The dialogue-less film is beautifully art directed as well as artfully coordinated. Watch below. (via PSFK)

01/09/14 11:01:23 AM

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Panasonic's Next GH Camera Will Record 4K

At CES, Panasonic has announced that its next GH mirrorless camera will record 4K and will be made available for less than $2000. Writes Engadget, "The company's keeping most of the hardware's specs close to its collective vest, but a representative was able to divulge a few details. UHD content can be recorded at 200 Mbps, and output in a full live feed via a mini-HDMI port (thanks to ALL-I Intra mode) to display on a computer or record to a hard drive. Of course, the Micro-Four Thirds shooter can save footage straight to an SDXC card -- a UHS Class 3 prototype variant tuned for such a task was on display -- though space will run out fairly quickly." Read the full story here.

01/08/14 01:01:06 PM

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NewBay Media Acquires Select Assets of Broadcast Engineering

New York— NewBay Media has announced that it has acquired select assets of Broadcast Engineering — both U.S. and World editions — from Penton Media, including the brands’ web assets, trademark, and subscriber lists. Broadcast Engineering will join NewBay Media’s extensive portfolio of Television and Video information resources, including TV Technology, TVB Europe, Next TV, Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News, Video Edge, Digital Video, Government Video and the Creative Planet Network.

01/08/14 01:01:30 PM

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See Footage from Sony's New 4K Handycam FDR-AX100

Sony's newly announced FDR-AX100 Handycam captures 4K footage with a price tag of just $2K. The AX100 is 74% smaller and 66% lighter than the recently announced FDR-AX1 model, and is the first 4K Handycam to feature a large, 14.2 effective megapixel back-illuminated 1.0-type Exmor CMOS sensor. The sensor captures 4K Ultra HD images (3840 x 2160 pixels) while also allowing beautiful “bokeh” background defocusing effects, even in low light conditions. “The innovative new AX100 4K camcorder is a natural extension of our popular ecosystem of 4K products,” said Patrick Huang, director of the camcorder business at Sony Electronics. “With unparalleled performance, it’s the perfect device for enthusiasts, hobbyists and even professionals looking for a more affordable, compact and high performance 4K video solution.”

01/08/14 12:01:16 PM

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Philip Bloom Reviews the Sony A7, A7R and RX10

In the below extensive video review, Philip Bloom reviews three new Sony mirrorless cameras, the Sony A7, A7R and RX10, and goes through both his initial impressions and his later thoughts as he spends more time with them. Watch below.

01/07/14 04:01:24 PM