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Watch a Time-Lapse of the Northern Lights Over Iceland

Time-lapse photographer Oli Haukur Myrdal captures the stunning, psychedelic light show that is the Northern Lights over Iceland. Watch below.

04/18/14 01:04:38 PM

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Shooting in Combat Zones with the Sony PMW-200

Documentarians Olly Lambert and Jezza Neumann explain why they choose the Sony PMW-200 for their work shooting in combat zones. Says Lambert, "What I’m looking for in a camera is not just it being able to take very good pictures; it has to be quite an all-round tool in terms of it being very ergonomic, very adaptable, to be able to manage things automatically if I need it to, and to be able to rig it and de-rig it very, very quickly and for it to be very portable. The 200 has a bigger sensor than most cameras, so if I have time, I can sit down and be quite measured, get quite a nice shallow depth of field. But similarly, if something is happening that’s very kinetic, that’s unrepeatable, where I’m having to not only watch my characters in my story but watch my own personal safety, then it’s a very ergonomic camera and I can switch it to automatic functions if I need to.”

04/18/14 11:04:01 AM

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Going Around the World with the Sony HXR-NX70

Documentary filmmaker August Sandberg writes up his experiences traveling the world with his Sony HXR-NX70 camera.

04/17/14 05:04:31 PM

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Digital Video Magazine Announces 2014 NAB Best of Show Award Winners

Digital Video magazine, published by NewBay Media’s Broadcast/Video Group, has announced its Best of Show Award winners at the 2014 NAB Show. NewBay Media’s Best of Show Awards are judged by a panel of engineers and industry experts on the criteria of innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. Only a small number of products were selected to receive a Best of Show Award from among hundreds of new products in competition. The 2014 winners are: AJA CION Camera Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 11

04/17/14 11:04:24 AM

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3D Printing, 3D Animation and Stop-Motion Combine for 'Bears on Stairs' Video

Creative agency's DBLG's "Bears on Stairs" combines 3D animation, 3D printing and stop-motion for an impressively smooth final video. Writes PetaPixel's Gannon Burgett, "From watching the video, it looks to me like there are roughly 40 separate pieces of the bear climbing the stairs. And although they seem to have markers on the screen to keep things consistent, keeping that many frames as stable and smooth as they did is downright astounding." Watch below and read more here.

04/16/14 05:04:27 PM

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AJA Cion Poised to Be a 'Powerhouse for Independent Filmmakers'

NoFilmSchool's Robert Hardy calls the AJA Cion the "most exciting new camera at NAB 2014."

04/16/14 04:04:25 PM

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Rigs and Gear from NAB Show

Ars Technica gathers up some of the gears and rigs of note that were on display at NAB Show last week. They write, "We also hit the show floor, which was filled with hundreds of booths showing off vendors' professional products and services. We already took a look at the high-end consumer video recording tools that are hitting the market this year, but there was plenty more visually striking things to see at NAB. Here are a few favorites, from stuff you could go out and buy tomorrow to rigs that are worth more than your car (probably)." Read the full story here.

04/16/14 02:04:10 PM

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Watch the First Footage from the AJA Cion

Following AJA's startling announcement that it is moving into the camera manufacturing business with the Cion, the company has released an introductory video showcasing the first footage shot with the camera. Writes RedShark News, "The color is looking very impressive. Sadly the footage lacks any glimpse of skin tones which is the thing people tend to be most concerned about with digital video cameras at the moment. We will have to wait a little longer to know more about that." Watch below and read the full story here.

04/16/14 12:04:32 PM

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JVC's New 4K Cameras Includes One Made for Drones

The quartet of new 4K cameras that JVC introduced at NAB Show includes one made for drone filmmaking. Explains Engadget, "The GW-GBLS1 [is] a gimbal-mounted Super 35mm camera tailor-made for aerial drones. It can not only shoot overhead 4K footage, but stream the live video to the ground -- handy for both coordinating movie shoots and sparing news broadcasters the trouble of launching a helicopter." Read the full story here.

04/16/14 11:04:14 AM

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Panasonic Talks First 4K Camera from NAB Show

In the below video from B&H, Panasonic's Steve Cooperman talks about Panasonic's first 4K camera, the VariCam 35. "This is our first super 35mm sensor," says Cooperman. "We're really excited about it...It allows customers to record 4K in-camera on our new Express P2 card, while simultaneously recording 2K or HD along with proxy on MicroP2 cards." Watch below.

04/16/14 11:04:59 AM

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Canon's Larry Thorpe Talks Focus on Lenses at NAB Show 2014

In the below video, watch Canon's Larry Thorpe at NAB Show explaining the company's focus on lenses this year. Says Thorpe, "It all begins with the optics, and as you know part of the Cinema EOS system that we developed, we developed the cameras in concert with new generation cinema EOS lenses. Today, we have four zooms and six primes, and now at this NAB we're unveiling a new addition to the zoom family." Watch below.

04/16/14 11:04:02 AM

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Watch Philip Bloom, Vincent Laforet and More Experts Discuss the Future of 4K

In the below video from NAB Show 2014, Steadicam's Garret Brown, Philip Bloom, NewsShooter's Matt Allard and Dan Chung, Vincent Laforet and Sony's Favien Pisano discuss the future of 4K and whether it will become an industry standard anytime soon. Watch below.

04/15/14 05:04:34 PM

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Modular Cameras Take a Step in the Right Direction

With the NAB Show announcement of the Blackmagic URSA and AJA Cion, modular cameras are taking a step in the right direction. Writes RedShark News' Simon Wyndham, "We have written before about the possibility of future cameras being modular. The manufacturers are clearly on the same wavelength with the new Varicam and the Blackmagic Ursa having the capability to change sensor configurations quickly and easily. Even Sony has recently announced the ability to upgrade its F5 to F55 specification, perhaps indicating the way it sees its competitors moving." Read the full story here.

04/15/14 01:04:38 PM

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Louie Schwartzberg Makes the Invisible Visible with Time-Lapse, High-Speed Photography

In a new TED talk, filmmaker and time-lapse photographer Louie Schwartzberg explains how technology like high-speed cameras, time-lapse photography, and macro lenses help capture the unseen wonders that surround us on a daily basis. He says, "What is the intersection between technology, art and science? Curiosity and wonder. Because it drives us to explore. 'Cause we're surrounded by things we can't see. And I love to use film to take us on a journey through portals of time and space to make the invisible visible." Watch below. (via PetaPixel)

04/15/14 11:04:41 AM

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An Overview of NAB Show 2014's Cameras

Filmmaker IQ provides an overview of the new camera announcements that came out of NAB Show 2014, which emphasized the industry's 4K future. They write, "I have been very skeptical about 4K for years now. I could see a difference between SD and HD – from HD to 4K the differences are harder to perceive. At last year’s NAB, I acquiesced that 4K for acquisition was probably going to be in my future soon. With this year’s crop of new camera entries, there’s just no question – we will all have the option of shooting 4K in our cameras very soon. We will still deliver mostly in HD although there are some networks who are hungry for 4K content, but 4K cameras are a serious reality." Read the full story here.

04/15/14 10:04:11 AM

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See a Time-Lapse of a 'Saturday Night Live' Episode Being Taped

We feature a lot of time-lapses of stars, but this one features stars of a different sort. Saturday Night Live has released a two-minute time-lapse which shows what a taping of the famed show looks like. Get a snapshot of the set changes, choreographed staging and Pharrell Williams singing "Happy" in about 3 seconds. Watch below.

04/10/14 10:04:28 AM

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Unusual Cameras Take Centerstage at NAB Show 2014

Citing announcements that range from the Blackmagic URSA to the AJA Cion, Filmmaker Magazine's Michael Murie has dubbed this year's NAB Show as "the year of the unusual camera." He writes, "It was clear that this would be the year of 4K, but perhaps more surprising is who plans to ship 4K cameras this year." Read the full story here.

04/09/14 11:04:12 AM

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A Closer Look at the AJA Cion

RedShark News' Phil Rhodes takes a closer look at the newly unveiled AJA Cion, the first camera from AJA. He writes, "The Cion camera is a tidy, minimalistic device of modest dimensions, and with sensible holes in all the usual places for mounting accessories. It’s almost a shame that this has become a feature simply because so few people did it properly. AJA have bucked the trend and done it properly, even making the cheese plates replaceable, so that nobody has to live with chewed threads." Read the full story here.

04/09/14 11:04:00 AM

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The Implications of Blackmagic URSA's Swappable Sensor

What are the implications for the newly announced Blackmagic URSA's swappable sensor? Michael Hession of Gizmodo explains, "That means that if you are working on a broadcast production environment where a smaller sensor is more suitable, you can pop on the appropriate module and go to town. Then for your indie flick requiring a whole other aesthetic, switch it back." Read the full story here.

04/08/14 11:04:47 AM

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Simon Russell Experiments with Automated Animation in Short Video

Simon Russell's short film "Dysco" explores the concept of surveillance via a mix of automated and manual animation. Russell tells Stash Magazine that the piece has "a tight link between the audio and visual elements – the intention was to evoke an experience similar to synesthesia, where sound, vision, color and light cross over and spill into other senses. Many of my early tests were automated animation driven by the audio. In the end the majority of the animation was done manually but there are still some automated sections...I think audio driven animation is an interesting area and something I’ll continue to explore, it’d be particularly good for making semi-automated music videos or even in live performances." Watch it and a making-of below and read the full story here.

04/08/14 10:04:23 AM