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Netflix Short Film “Meridian” Integrates HDR, HFR and 4K Material


Netflix Short Film “Meridian” Integrates HDR, HFR and 4K Material

“Meridian” opens with archival Kodachrome footage of Los Angeles shot in 1947.

The wide range of shadows and light, as well as the cigar smoke, makes the scene in the squad room challenging to encode.

The driving scenes—during which a sudden change in weather darkens the skies and makes the clouds erupt with lightning—combine aerial cinematography with a studio greenscreen shoot.

“VFX had to match their sky plates to our on-set lighting cues,” notes director Curtis Clark, “including the storm cloud transitions.

Investigating a cave on the California coast

One of the police officers enters a black limbo environment within an otherwise natural looking rock formation.

The ventriloquist dummy evokes The Twilight Zone.

In the cave, the police officer sees a stained glass window and a projected image of himself from just before he descended to the beach.

Mannequin-like missing people.

The primary purpose of this short film is as test footage to evaluate streaming codecs and image acquisition technologies, so perhaps it’s not necessary to focus on the plot so much as the way the “Meridian” looks. Read our full story here.

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