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The Epic Production of 'Planet Earth II': New Technologies Advance the Nature Series


The Epic Production of 'Planet Earth II': New Technologies Advance the Nature Series

Snow leopards are famously elusive and difficult to film. This one was caught by a camera trap in the Himalayas in India.

Cinematographer Rob Drewett and the team were able to put themselves in the flight path of this super-swarm in southwest Madagascar. Photo by Ed Charles/BBC.

inematographer Jonathan Jones focuses his lens on a harvest mouse climbing grass stems in a wild meadow in Norfolk, England. Photo by Chadden Hunter/BBC.

Planet Earth drone operator Nick Wolcott piloted a large drone through the narrow walls of this slot canyon in Utah. Photo by Ed Charles/BBC.

Rob Drewett films swans in Scotland from a boat mounted with a jib arm and a Freefly MoVI M15 motorized gimbal stabilizer hung at the end for use as a remote head. Photo by Rob Drewett/BBC.

Nubian ibex live in some of the most inaccessible mountain habitats.

Final shot of the carmine bee-eaters. Photo by Chadden Hunter/BBC.

Cameraman Brad Bestelink films carmine bee-eaters while strapped into a safety harness on the front of a vehicle in Botswana. Photo by Chadden Hunter/BBC.

Galapagos racer snakes peer from their hiding places in the rocks, watching for emerging marine iguana hatchlings that would make for an easy meal.

A serval cat in South Africa leaps nearly 10 feet through the air to attach her rodent prey from above.

Thanks to a steady stream of advances in digital video technology, BBC’s Planet Earth II manages to capture wild animal behavior within some of the world’s most exotic environments in ways that would have been cinematically impossible a decade ago, when the original Planet Earth wowed viewers around the world. Read our full story here.

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