Setting Up Your Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III

Vincent Laforet goes over how he sets up his Canon 5D Mark II for shooting video. He says, "These settings are meant to work well for web, broadcast televisions and motion pictures – but will require grading (color correction) to add saturation and contrast back in. The idea is to capture the flattest image possible with the most amount of detail and range of exposure possible. Given that the Canon 5Ds compress the video image (it’s not capturing RAW) – you need to make sure you don’t crush the blacks or blow out the highlights as you won’t be able to correct for that in post."

These are principles that can be used for any Canon HDSLR including the Canon 5D Mark III. Read his instructions here and/or watch a video demonstrating them below.

5D Mark II Setup from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.