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Cutting Sound and Video with Avid on 'Gravity'

In the two videos below, editor Mark Sanger, re-recording mixer Skip Lievesay, and sound designer Glenn Freemantle discusses how they used Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools to cut the video and sound of Gravity. Sanger explains how Media Composer fostered an approach to editing that would have been impossible using film, while Lievesay and Freemantle explain how the integrated Avid workflow helped bring the international production team together. Watch below.

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Short Animated Video Pays Homage to the Editor's Craft

This short animation from Inside the Edit pays homage to the work and craft of film and video editors. "We are storyteller and first audience..." the video starts. Watch below. (via PetaPixel)

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Top Features of DaVinci Resolve 11

Editor Steve Sebban lists his top seven new and improved features in Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve 11. He writes, "DaVinci Resolve 11 is a major update with some impressive improvements that colorists (and even editors) around the world have been waiting for. Here’s my personal favorite list of new & improved features (in no special order)." Read the full story here.  

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DaVinci Resolve 11 Could Change Game for Blackmagic Design

Philip Hodgetts explains what Blackmagic Design's new DaVinci Resolve 11, which adds many editing fuctionalities to its color correction core, could mean for the future of Blackmagic and editing. He writes, "One of the most interesting NAB announcements was the addition of some 70 additional editorial tools to DaVinci Resolve 11. This makes Resolve a very competent on-set DIT tool, a full featured NLE, and a world-class finishing tool. Mostly for FREE. What is interesting here is how this is likely to play out in the long term." Read the full story here.

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An Overview of Digital Anarchy's Video Plug-Ins

Oliver Peters provides an overview of three Digital Anarchy plug-ins--Flicker Free, Beauty Box, and Ugly Box--on his digitalfilms site. He writes, "One of the plug-in developers I’ve touched on from time to time is Digital Anarchy. They’ve developed a diverse repertoire of image enhancement plug-ins for photo and video hosts, as well as iOS devices. In the past, they’ve developed such interesting tools as ToonIt (now a Red Giant product), but current video offerings focus on Flicker Free, Knoll Sparks (Autodesk-only) and Beauty Box." Read the full story here.

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More Details Emerge on The Foundry's Nuke Studio

Televisual reports from NAB Show where The Foundry unveiled Nuke Studio. They explain it as "a combined vfx, editorial and finishing suite that merges Nuke and Hiero and adds a load more capabilities too, including real-time timeline effects, full editorial tools, collaborative control, 4k real-time playback, built-in 'intelligent' rendering, a python core and multi-platform support." Read the full story here.

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Davinci Resolve 11 Adds Major Editing Features

Blackmagic Design has announced that the latest iteration of their popular color correction software DaVinci Resolve (Davinci Resolve 11) will add several major functionalities to make it more of a complete editing solution. Writes Joey Daoud of Filmmaker Magazine, "The latest version adds a bunch of features you’d find in most NLEs – lots of timeline trimming options and keyboard controls, transitions, effects, and robust text editing. A really interesting feature is Collaborative Editing. An editor and up to two colorists can be working on a shared project simultaneously. All they need is the source material on a local drive." Read the full story here.

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The Foundry Unveils VFX and Editing Software Nuke Studio

The Foundry has unveiled a new hybrid visual effects, editing and finishing software called Nuke Studio. It is expected to be available in late 2014. Explains Digital Arts, "Aimed at short form projects such as commercials where users might want to produce a project entirely in a single application, Nuke Studio offers both a timeline for editing and a node-based visual effects building system a la Nuke. For editing, Nuke Studio supports 4K editing with real-time effects in the timeline – accelerated by the host computer’s graphics card (or cards). 4K playback is possible in real-time both on-screen at via SDI through hardware." Read the full story here.

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Inside the Editing Process of 'Draft Day'

Editors Sheldon Kahn and Dana E. Glauberman talk to Sound & Picture about cutting Ivan Reitman's football film, Draft Day. Says Kahn, who has been Reitman's editor for 30 years, "I like to start editing as soon as the first dailies come in, so I can send a cut to Ivan and let him know how it is going. This way I can get input from him as to how he sees the focus on what I have put together. Since Ghostbusters, this has been how we work, and it has been very successful for both of us. Most of the time we see eye-to-eye, or at times, he’ll give me an idea or I may give him an idea, or all of a sudden we both come up with a third idea together, and that third idea is usually what ends up on the screen." Read the full story here.

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NAB: EditShare Previews New Workflows

During the NAB Show, EditShare will be previewing the upcoming Flow 3.1 version of its popular media asset management solution. New features include tight metadata integration with Avid non-linear editing systems for improved handling of metadata and support proxy editing workflows for all major non-linear editing systems, including those offered by Avid, Adobe and Apple.

04/08/14 10:04:29 AM